15th January 2018

Collaboration with House of Finn Juhl

Today, we started a long-term collaboration with House of Finn Juhl, with the purpose to take Finn Juhl's artistic approach to design into an art installation that represents his next revived chair the Grasshopper. Check out www.finnjuhl.com.

1st January 2018

Sketching a new chewing gum packaging design

Why does a chewing gum package look the way it does? We have chosen to question the typical packaging and we're trying with True Gum to create a unique and different packaging that has a unique and sleek shape created for the future's sustainable chewing gum.

18th of December 2017

Launch of Studio Morten Duemose

On the same day as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Edmund Kemper and Steven Spielbergs was born we celebrate the foundation of Studio Morten Duemose. A young creative design studio based in Copenhagen with the aim of making you the homecoming queen of spring prom.