Lykkesholms Allé 24A,
1904 Frederiksberg C

Morten Duemose is a Copenhagen based designer specialized in tailored concept development and visual communication. My approach to design is rooted in strong conceptual ideas combined with scandinavian simplicity. I create publications, visual identities, typefaces and more — all with the ambition to build strong and meaningful brands with a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.


Window foil for SPACE10

A love letter to the iconic Casio F-91W created in 1989 by Ryusuke Moriai.

Unused concept sketch for an AI project at SPACE10.

Visual identity for Spoken 2020

Call Us (+45) 3158 7351 Phlake T-Shirt


House of Finn Juhl Hotel Habuka catalogue

Visual identity for Kjellerup Væveri

Posters for Teatret Syndrom

Catalogue for House of Finn Juhl

Phlakesaurus for Phlake

Dry Magazine ISSUE IV